A flight at the south coast of Cyprus 

( West of Curium)

I will try to share my experiences with all my pilot  friends here in Cyprus and abroad.

Saturday the 18/01/2003

Place: Curium pictures/maps/curiummap.jpg (91378 bytes) click to see the map

The forecast was for Easterly winds and  saying the truth I was long waiting for this wind direction because I flew last October almost the same way (one way) and it was a very exiting experience.

It was about 11.30 a.m and I knew that timing was important. If you miss 12.30 you might lose the  "good" wind because the wind very often is veering (shifts) to south westerly. So I chose to take off from the usual take -off facing south and turn immediately right to  catch the lift produced by the easterly light sea breeze.

I was flying up and down for about 15 minutes and I was flying about 60 meters above take off.

Then I "jumped" into  to the Zapalo beach above the cliff towards the center of the bowl where I noticed  that there was a good lift and 

easterly wind direction was the best at this point. So I gained another 20 meters (total 90-100 meters ATO) immediately and cruising up and down for 30 minutes or more.

Then the difficult part was to pass safely to the Tunnel beach because  of the wind direction and the long distance to the safe center of the bowl .             When I decided to jumped over the houses i lost my altitude

and I was flying below the  cliffs on the lee side. It was really scary but the easterly wind pushed me to the center of the bowl and immediately, I found my self flying at 125 above take off.

I was then feel safe, relaxed and I enjoyed my flight. click to see the video (1.091 KB)

I was watching the Happy valley football fields from above and I was

click to see a video (1.140 Kb)

thinking either to land to the happy valley beach  or to go back... It was a challenge for me because as far as I know nobody else made it so far from Curium, and return. I've got the decision and then I started flying against the wind. It was hard for me to fly against the wind because I was loosing constantly my altitude and I was flying on the lee side of the cliffs. So with minimum altitude I was scratching the roofs of the houses and jumped to the Zapalo beach. Then again the same problem but I managed to regain my altitude but the really hard part it was to pass the last cliff on the way back to Curium. I lost my altitude just above the cliff and then I thought that it was the end

and I was ready to top land but Curium was so near and  I was determined to push it to the edge and to my limits (my self and the canopy - UP SUMMIT, thank you Dionissis the "dealer"). I passed the last cliffs almost 2-3 meters above  the top and just before the end I got the lift from the light easterly wind towards Curium. I had another few hundred meters to fly to the Curium beach.  click to see the video clip (1.621 Kb)

The only one who was flying at the moment was Pete and Jad. Thank you Jad for taking the last photo of me, to verify my record and Pete and Ian for the first congratulations and respect at take off (ha-ha). I was landed just behind the central restaurant. The total distance (according to my GPS track log is 11 kilometers)( 5,5+ 5,5 out and return). Surely it is a new record,  as my previous flight was without return.

I wish that all of you could fly earlier with me and to take this opportunity whenever there is easterly wind. Don' t be afraid of this  wind. It is laminar, smooth like silk  and rewarding. Finally I must apologize and forgive me for any mistakes in my English writing. If you want to see some  video from this flight, click here.(3.117 kB)


* All the pictures and the video are from this flight.




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