(Pyrgos - Moni village - Limassol)


A mainly thermic site just east of Limassol and north of Moni village. Brand new launch probably one of the best. Very good landing options. Great views of the coast from the East to West. The vie is spectacular as you can see from the photos.The wind directions available to fly from the new launch point are from S-SW-W.

The top to bottom altitude is about 200 meters.

How to get there:

Drive to Moni village  from the highway east of Limassol just at the Moni power station exit,then drive to Pirgos village and from the center of the village where the main church is take the the road norhterly to the fields outside the village.where the road splits, take the road on you right hand and drive to tha main landing fileds, the road takes you straight up to the top of Epilas .

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