The gales in Cyprus and the "Coptic chart"

It is interesting in this time, that people still use such an old system. What with living in a period where we can watch the weather on TV or use our O2 Broadband to look up the weather online, it can be tempting not to use an older method. However using a coptic chart is also an affective method and one that is still trusted by locals. Before planning a trip, it is a great idea, especially if paragliding, to look up what can be expected from the weather.


The "Coptic chart" is named after one of the ancient religions and was devised many years ago in Alexandria (Egypt).

     Many local officials, for example:officers from the Fisheries Department and the marine Police, have copies of the chart which give details of when storms are predicted and even many local fishermen keep a folded copy in their pockets!

The chart is fairly accurate and rains usually begin 72 hours, either before or after the given date.The gales usually set in from south-west and veer to the west and north west and last an average of 3 days.Those marked  (*) or (xxx) and in red fonts are the strongest.

Rarely deviates more than 48 hours from dates.

11th of  January El- kahira (*) Gale (xxx)
19th of January El- fedara-El kebira


Large feeder gale
28th of January un-named gale Gale
18th of February El-Shams (*)-El Seghria Small sun gale

( xxx)

10th of March  El husson or  El  hasson (lasts double the usual time) Equinox Gale
20th of March El- Shams (*) El kebina  Big  Sun gale (xxx)
25th  of March  Hawa  Wind Gale
29th of April  Khamseen  winds (hot and  sandy) Sand laden W. winds
27th of  September El saleeb winds cross winds
21st of October El Saleebish Crusade
28th of November El Mikness (*) Broom gale (xxx)-very strong
6th of December Kassim  gale
20th of December El fedra el Saggira(light gale) El small feedre gale.

Information provided by Mr.Andres Pistentis, Chief Fisheris Officer

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