This is a long ridge behind the village of AVDELLERO (Near Larnaca, north of Aradippou highway).The altitude is about 200mts ASL facing south towards the city of Larnaca.The wind directions should be anything between SE, , S, SSW.There are many options for landing in the empty fields including top landing for thse familiar with top landing skills.Very good site for intermediate and club pilots.


Getting There.

Avdellero is almost 15 minutes from Larnaca, 25 from Nicosia, 30 minutes from Ayia Napa, and 45 from Limassol

You need to drive from the Aradippou junction with the Larnaca -Nicosia high way on EAST direction towards Ayia Napa.

on the first exit from the junction (about one kilometer ) take the exit to Avdellero village and Athienou.

drive to Avdellero village for aabout 3-4 kilometers and turn right on the exit to the avdellero village again.follow the sighns towards TROULLOI VILLAGE.Just after you pass Avcdellero village towards Troulloi at the junction of  Troulloi road and old road to Athienou, turn left towards Athienou on the old road for about 3-4 kilometers and you will see the long white ridge on your left hand side just above the Avdellero.In order to get to the top you continue driving for another 2 kilometers and you will find the old dirty track on your left just behind the the take off at the top.Take care and drive slowly to the top especialy if your car is not a 4x4 high car.The road and fields are rough.




About the Launch

The take off is facing E-SE-S-S-SSW wind directions and it short a rockie.You need to find a clear fiend to spread you glider.

About the Landing Zone.

There is a lot of clear fields to land at the bottom but there is a lot of room for top landing as well for those familiar with top landing skills.Take care  to land enough behind to avoid rotors near the slope.The top to bottom altitude is about 150 meters.


Flying hazards

Take great care not to get blown back.

If you think that it is too windy to fly, it probably is - don’t take off.


Some photos from the first flights ever with a paraglider at Avdellero






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