Dear Visitor,

 Our paragliding and hang gliding community would like to stress that once you are in Cyprus it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with one of local pilots.   The intention of this web site is not to promote Cyprus as the best destination for free flying activities, but to offer the foreign visitor or local flyer some basic information about free flying in Cyprus.

Many of the sites that we give information about are easily accessible with amenities like restaurants close to the landing zones.  However, some of the sites mentioned are not so accessible and will not be suitable for all standards of pilot.  Furthermore, some sites that are referred to in this website might not be up to the standards that normally define a region suitable for flight and may not be recommended by the local Federation.  In this circumstance some pilots would avoid flying in these locations.  Other pilots on the other hand would not consider it a problem.  It is largely up to the individual to decide on the suitability of some of the remote sites.

Another reason to choose to contact us before embarking on a flying trip is that some locations are not often visited by pilots due to their remoteness and it is likely that the take off spots will need cleaning from bushes, weeds etc beforehand.  If you don't do this you might find yourself making a wasted trip to such a location.

Another factor that the visitor should be aware of is the political situation in Cyprus.  As you might well know, a part of the island of Cyprus (approximately 37%) has been illegally occupied by Turkish Army since 1974 following a military invasion.  This reference to the situation is made for the purpose of safety since some sites neighbour the United Nations  buffer zone.  For example, Moutti tou Dhia launch (Zeuss Nose) is less than 3km from the buffer zone.  It would be all too easy to stray across if you did not familiarise yourself with the map before you took off.  Another ridge soaring site called Vouyes is less than 1km from the buffer zone.  Pachyammos is also an excellent site, but the landing zone is right next to the buffer zone (Kokkina village) and it is easy to fly over this area by accident.  Without exaggeration we would like to stress that flying across the buffer zone could cause a political incident and/or cause the reaction of the soldiers on either side, putting the safety of the pilot in danger!

Other restrictions in flying exist close to or over military areas.  No pilot must fly over military installations or other sensitive areas that have military connections.

In case of Emergency the telephone number that you can use is 199.  You can also use the local Telephone directory to find the telephone numbers for the local Police Station and the closest First Aid facility.

As far as the attitude of local people to the sport here is concerned, we can say without doubt that it is excellent and the pilots are well thought of here, something that is confirmed to us by many visiting foreign pilots.  In order to be able to enjoy the freedom to fly here without any problems we are always careful to comply with all local regulations and to avoid causing any damage to property during take off and landing and generally are careful with our entire flying activity.  Please do not leave litter.  Please be polite and friendly to those local people that you meet, for the sake of those pilots that come to fly here after you. Have  a nice flight in Cyprus


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